The Whittier College CARE Program is a series of retention and persistence initiatives dedicated to promoting overall student success.
The CARE Program (formerly the Poet Early Alert Program or PEAP)  is a collaborative case-management system committed to enhancing:

  • community safety
  • student success
  • well-being

The role of CARE is to support students as they navigate their academic journey at Whittier College by providing prevention, assessment, and intervention.

The CARE Team is committed to providing equity centered care and support that affirms our partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. 

If you notice your students are struggling inside of the classroom, we encourage you to connect with them to discuss the matter. However, we understand that is not always possible. In those instances, please, submit the Academic Support Referral so the CARE Team can work with you to help support your student(s). 

If you notice a student is struggling outside of the bounds of the classroom, please complete the CARE Referral. If you would like to know about the many support resources available through CARE, please follow this link:

Academic Care Referrals or CARE Referrals can be submitted at any point in the semester.