Strategies for Online & Blended Learning Environments

Quickstart Guide for Remote Learning (from March 2020)
Whittier College Online Quickstart

Below are a set of useful & downloadable guides with links to campus resources.
Whittier College Community of Inquiry Framework
Whittier College Course Management and Learner Guidance
Whittier College Social Presence
Whittier College Teaching Persona

Helpful Resource: 13 Differences Between Online and Face to Face Courses

Here is a useful template for faculty to use while they think about how to adapt their face-to-face course into an online course.  Breaking activities into 15-minute chunks can help to reflect on where engagement is happening and learning outcomes of activities. 
Seminar/Course Adaptation Template(by Lee Skallerup Bessette, Georgetown U.)

E-Books (downloadable) for Online Teaching and Digital Learning
Teaching Online: A Guide to Theory, Research, and Practice
(open-access book)
6 Core Competencies to Enhance Digital Teaching and Learning
E-Learning by Design (Horton W. 2006)
Faculty Playbook: Delivering High-Quality Instruction Online
The Ultimate Guide to Online Teaching (Tophat)
How to Effectively Shift to Online Teaching- The Ultimate Guide (Techsmith)

Additional Links & Resources:
Creating a Culture of Caring: Faculty Resource
Preparing Courses for Fall 2020
(Georgetown U.)
Instructional Continuity Quick Tips
(Georgetown U.)
11 Strategies for Managing Your Online Course
Time Management Strategies for Online Instructors
49 Ideas for Online Learning Activities
Why You Should Use Video in Your Online Courses
7 Videos That Help You Build Effective Online Courses
Best Practices for Teaching & Learning Online (infographics & blog)
Teaching during COVID-19: Why We’re Fortunate
Online Learning Consortium: Faculty Scholarships for Professional Development
Self-Paced Open Course for Faculty on Pivoting to Online
TED Masterclass Curriculum Slides (ASU Virtual Online Conference)
7 Things You Should Know About the HyFlex Course Model